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Benefits of Changing the Vaporizer Coil

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With more and more people shifting from smoking to vaping, they have also started to ask common questions about the electronic cigarettes and similar devices. One of the questions that are frequently posed is how often one should change the coil of their vaporizer. To be honest, there is no solid answer to that question. Experts believe that it greatly depends on the how often the vaporizer is used. Although, if you really want to know a general opinion, then it is recommended to change the coil at least every 2 to 3 weeks.

It is important to have a fresh coil after a while because the performance of the vaporizer will be disturbed otherwise. The coil can become prone to gunk from the e-liquid. This results in the vape not delivering quality vapor and there will be a considerable difference in the taste.

Here are a couple of benefits of changing the coil of your vaporizer:

Consistent Taste

You will never enjoy vaping if the taste is not up to the quality expected. Coils can quickly get old and used when you vape frequently. This can greatly hinder the taste your tank will produce. To have the same good taste every time, you must ensure that you have a coil that is working reasonably.

Burnt and Dry Taste

The longer you keep using a coil in need of urgent change, the subtle the actual taste will become. Eventually, the coil will have completely burnt out. By this time, you will hardly have any taste through the vaporizer. All you will taste is hot air.

When is it Time to Change the Coil?

Your choice of e-juice and mod are important deciders in this situation. Your vaping habits can also decide how quickly or slowly the coil is burnt out. Vape coils become necessary to be changed when the wire coil has become worn out or the wick has burnt. The best way to determine of your mod needs a coil change is to monitor the taste you are getting out of it. If you feel that the taste is off, then you must consider a coil change. On the other hand, some people vape more frequently than others. While some will take a puff once a day or thrice every week, others do it all day long every day. This may require you to change the coil more often than just weekly.

The Best Way to Change the Coil

The instant you change the coil, the e-juice will return to its original taste and so will the quality of the vapor. When you change the coil, don’t forget to clean the tank as well. You should also dry it with a paper towel or better yet, with toilet paper. You should dry the tank even if not cleaning. The moisture at the base can cause the battery unit that tank screws into to become faulty. Cleaning the tank keeps the connections in good conditions and eliminates any off tastes.


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